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About Us

Originating from Australia and based in Dubai since 2000, Green Energy Solutions are specialists in Natural Roof Ventilation Systems, Roof Ventilator manufacturers and Solar Lighting for industrial buildings.

Our ultra-modern designed new technology wind induced natural roof ventilator Hurricane® Plus is the best performing in the market.

Our top quality solar tube light, Sky Tunnel make an ideal solution to provide natural light to your industrial workplace.

We supply our natural roof ventilation systems to:

  • GCC Countries - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman
  • Africa

Our Guarantee

"You are most welcome to visit our factory in Al Quoz, Dubai, where we have an Hurricane® Plus Roof Ventilator and other types of ventilators installed. We carry out comparative tests for you, to provide irrefutable proof of the superior performance of our product".

Barrie Harmsworth
M.C.I.B.S.E. (UK) M.I.E. (Aust) A.M.SoE (UAE)

Latest News

HURRICANE®PLUS has been granted patents in both the AGCC's countries and the USA proving good engineering will overcome the issues that face the ventilation industry.


Ducab, one of the middle east’s largest electrical cable manufactures has commenced replacing the old rotating units with the new Advanced Technology Hurricane® Plus static roof unit at the cable manufacturing plant in Abu Dhabi.


New Field Tests demonstrate the superior performance of the Hurricane Plus static unit. Since its introduction into the market in less than three years over 700 ventilators have been installed in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar



Myth Debunked-Rotating roof ventilators are a hoax

Once the ventilator is installed, the wind is not constant and veers in a random manner causing turbulence over the roof and the ventilator. The smooth or laminar flow is now detached and the low pressure area in the wake is reduced to zero. There is no longer any induced flow in the exhaust neck. This is shown in the stall test method statement on our website.

Until the smooth flow is reestablished the ventilator is not working under the Bernoulli Effect. The fact is that a smooth surface like the outer cowl of the Hurricane® Plus will establish a laminar current faster than a rotating turbine head is plainly obvious.

A typical stall test is carried out by fixing small propeller flow indicators around the periphery of the exhaust duct and timing the amount of rotation of the little flow indicators during a fixed period of time. Commonly a static cylindrical ventilator such as Hurricane® Plus has a stall time of 40% whilst a rotating turbine head can be up to 60%. This makes on immense difference to the ventilator performance.

Main Products

Hurricane® Plus

Our unique, patented, new technology wind induced ventilator outperforms and outlasts all others. Hurrican®Plus is tested in accordance with the Australian Standard As 4740.2000 and is the only wind-induced ventilator in the world that meets these strict requirements.It has ISO 9001 certification.



Natural ventilation provided by roof mounted Hurricane Plus wind ventilators

Natural ventilation provided by roof mounted Hurricane Plus wind ventilators

Sky Tunnel Solar Lighting provides natural light to factories, warehouses and office space

Sky Tunnel Solar Lighting provides natural light to factories, warehouses and office space

Sky Tunnel

Sky Tunnel solar lighting provides the latest technology to bring sunlight to living and working interiors. It incorporates the latest developments in mirror finishes and UV proofed acrylics.