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For over several thousand's of years, natural light has been used to enhance the living and working space of dwellings. Introducing clear and comfortable daylight has never been easier. Natural daylight ensures that the people working or living in the indoor environment are happier and healthier. 

By making an environmental choice and utilizing this renewable energy, you will be helping to reduce the consumption of our environments precious resources, and saving money at the same time. With thousand s installed and tested in the Arabian Gulf, Sky Tunnel solar lights incorporate the latest developments in mirror finishes and UV proofed acrylics.

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Sky Tunnel Solar Lighting installed in a warehouse

Sky Tunnel Solar Lighting installed in a warehouse

Product Details

Available in 3 sizes, 343mm, 457mm, 535mm diameters, there is a size to suit any application. Sky TunnelTM sizes offer more actual light area than a typical 350mm, 450mm or 550mm tubular skylight available on the market. A little extra light can go a long way!

SG Eco Industries is the manufacturer of the Sky TunnelTM and do not compromise on quality, design, materials or structural integrity. Adhering strictly to the structural requirements set out by both the British Board of Agreement and Australian Standards. Raw materials are sourced from all over the globe to ensure only the best quality materials are incorporated into the Sky TunnnelTM product.

Tested by time, Sky TunnelTM is designed to withstand the rigors of use in commercial buildings, and for this reason construction companies have been using them for over 20 years. For commercial buildings, the energy savings can be quite easily calculated, and the return on your investment is often 2-4 years, when including: savings in energy costs, increased human productivity and improvement in quality control, leading to reduced re-works.


Sky TunnelTM is suitable for almost any Industrial or Commercial Application where you see electric lights being operated during daylight hours. This includes applications such as Warehouses, Factories, Offices, Reception Areas, Gymnasiums, Shopping Malls and Retail Shops etc.

Start Saving Electricity Now! 

An average 400 Watt Hi Bay Electric Light cost up to DHS 300 per year in electricity alone; plus maintenance and repairs that could add in another DHS 500 per year. This is an expensive method of lighting your building. Electric lights also run at extreme temperatures, up to 90oC, increasing the overall heat load on the building. This will put extra pressure on Air-Conditioning Systems, in turn increasing the running costs.