Sky Tunnel - solar lighting

Rigid98 Tube

Sky Tunnel’s Rigid98 Tubing is fabricated from Miro-Silver, a premium quality aluminium product manufactured by ALANOD in Germany. MIRO-SILVER is the next generation, has a total reflectivity of 98%. Normal anodized aluminum lighting grades have a total reflectivity of up to 87%. To increase or enhance this total reflectivity to a higher level, several nanometer-thin optical coatings must be applied to the aluminum surface in a vacuum.

MIRO-SILVER delivers high efficiency luminance with little light transmission loss, and the light stays completely white with no color spectrum shift – even after numerous reflections. It is also extremely durable and will not fade or lose reflectivity.

It has a double glazed PMMA diffuser that provides a more energy efficient day lighting unit in all climates. It is held together by magnets to magnets in the ceiling frame. There is a foam seal for maximum energy efficiency. 

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Sky Tunnel exploded technical diagram

Sky Tunnel exploded technical diagram